The Infinite Aleph

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Radio address for December 7, 2013: a glimpse into everything, everywhere, all at once.

Mention is made of the living, breathing digital experience The Aleph: Infinite Wonder / Infinite Pity created by David Hirmes, and the short story on which it is based. There is also a reading of 0016. Similarity from my in-progress ebook, Noise of Creation, which I promise is still in-progress.

The musical dimension for this episode is by Z.D. Smith, who I met through his ideas and writings on You can listen and download the music at his website,

Bill Watterson drew this strip about what it’s like to suddenly see both sides of an argument.


  1. Rundy

    I was out one night on a walk with my sister and we passed through a collection of houses. It was dark and the light shone out brightly from the windows. I told her I had the urge to run up to the houses, fling open the door, and shout out to the inhabitants “I’m Hooommmme!” She said I would get myself thrown in jail. ;-)

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