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Radio address for Saturday, March 16, 2013. We all spread out a little bit more with the passing of time and the coming of extra daylight. Mention is made of the novel Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell.

I talk facetiously for a bit about how horrible Daylight Savings Time is, meaning to make the point, of course, that it isn’t actually that bad. All things considered, and taking one thing with another, I’m in favour of it for many of the same reasons given in this blog post. But of course I can see how you might find it silly and annoying if you live further south where daylight isn’t as precious.

In connection with the theme of people spreading out over time, there’s a short essay I wrote at my website, called Tables. I thought of adapting it for this podcast but ended up not having to; give it a read if you haven’t already.

We’ll return to the normal cover art once the snow melts.

Music is The Princess and the Puddings by John Renbourn, Fading Glow and Small Memory by Jon Hopkins.


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