Moving Stations

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Radio address for March 23, 2013. Running to work in the morning with a heavy bag on your shoulder, and stopping by the train station.

The ending section is one of the new chapters from the third and latest release of my book Noise of Creation, which came out last Sunday. You can also read the notes for this release on my website, or in the appendix at the back of the book itself.

Mention is made of Chuck Close, who is known for his large-scale portraits.

Mention is also made of my Alphasmart Neo writing machine. I like writing by hand, but the only weakness is that you have to re-type it into a computer if you’re ever going to use it. I thought about buying an iPad for focused writing, but finally found that a used Alphasmart would do everything I needed it to at a much lower price, and offer fewer distractions. They have a few on Amazon, but eBay seems to have better selection and prices at this time.

Music for this episode is Empty by Ray LaMontagne, Thursgood from Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and Cold Out There by Jon Hopkins.


  1. Cavendish

    Love listening to each podcast as it comes out!

  2. Gerald and Cynthia Peterson

    Joel, you are a very gifted writer, thinker, and speaker! I really enjoy hearing your voice and getting a small glimpse into that amazing “Dueck brainpower”! (There is definitely genius in the Dueck lineage…I am grateful to have tapped into the flow!) God bless and stay warm!

  3. Rundy

    Thanks for the link to the Alphasmart Neo. Such geek/tech things amuse me.

  4. Joel (Author)

    Hey Gerry, if there is any “genius” in the “Dueck lineage,” I think it is just a culture of being willing to apply youself. I’m grateful for it, too :-)

  5. Keith

    The no distractions element of that Alphasmart… pretty smart.

    Thanks for the Chuck Close quote – it was the kick in the pants I needed.

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