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Radio address for April 6, 2013. We contemplate the value of stolen and saved moments doing what you love in between work and sleep.

This address was partly inspired by a satirical article at The Onion that is so depressing and close to home that I won’t even bother linking it here.

Music is The Journey Home by Phil Keaggy.

Photo: Snow cover in my front yard, April 5, 2013
The snow cover in our front yard, dwindling ever so slowly.


  1. Alan

    This one was really good, Joel. You made me smile with the lapses into midwesternism like “a couple few” and then caught me with the “saved” cash to stolen moments passages.

  2. Joel (Author)

    Noted, and thanks, Alan! I liked this one too; I’d like to do more like it, where I have my feet more or less on the ground, so to speak.

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