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There is no radio address this week, or the first weekend in 2014, due to the holidays. In lieu of a creative monologue, I’m here to deliver a short meta-report — something I do not more than once per year — and an announcement, or perhaps a quasi-announcement…really just more like a simple, cryptic heads-up.

Creatively speaking, Howell Creek Radio will be going in a bit of a new direction in 2014. I’ve already left several clues, and I’ll leave it to you to figure it out as it happens.

Mention is made of a blog post with technical notes about recent updates to the podcast: stay tuned, it’ll be up within the next day or two.

If you have headphones on, you can clearly hear the atmospheric background music “Leviathan” by Z. D. Smith. It’s currently my favourite audio for thinking, tinkering, and producing: an ethereal yet crunchy digital mystery; the lightless, calming cacophony of the ocean floor and the relentless machinations of an artificial intelligence. You should really get your own copy at — it’s name-your-own-price, and the rest of the tracks are free. I’m not getting anything for this, in fact he doesn’t even know I’m doing this, and I just hope he doesn’t mind.


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