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Radio address for May 27, 2013. Getting ink everywhere but on the page, and coming back to life after being submerged in activity.

As you may have guessed, things have been a bit nuts in my life lately. I’m trying to make some changes to reduce the work involved in production. If you’re a regular listener, you’ll probably notice what those changes and tradeoffs are over the coming weeks, but hopefully they won’t degrade the experience in ways that matter to you. The goal of regular production in the middle of a heavy work schedule continues to dangle in front of me, just out of reach.

The pen mentioned in this episode is a Noodler’s Ahab flex nib. I have two of these cheap pens: one is dry as bone (no ink) and the other - this one - is constantly hemorrhaging ink all over the place. The reviews I read seemed positive, but I just have never had any luck with a fountain pen that cost less then $100.

My bleeding foutain pen
My bleeding fountain pen.


  1. Jeremy

    I have a very expensive fountain pen that haemorrhages all the time too. But my cheap Lamy pens never do. If you haven’t tried one — can’t speak for the flex nib — you should. Enjoyed this episode.

  2. Joel (Author)

    I keep meaning to get a Lamy. My mind keeps telling me that there’s no reason a $15 pen can’t work as well as a $30 one, but experience doesn’t agree. Glad you enjoyed it!

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