Manning the Pumps

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Radio address for June 1, 2013. A venture down to the lowest place in the house, floods and sinking houses.

The second section draws pretty directly from Psalm 107, which are well worth a minute or two of supplemental reading.

I recorded both voice and music for this particular episode on my iPhone using the built-in mic and the app Bossjock, with some editing in Audacity.


  1. Theo & Kate

    What is the track used at the end of this one? I enjoyed it. And, to think this was partially composed on an iPhone. Amazing.

  2. Joel (Author)

    The end music (and the “stinger” in the middle) is actually a royalty-free piece I recently picked up specifically for repeated future use in this podcast. I enjoy weaving in unique music for each episode, and get a weird pleasure out of finding stuff that’s a multidimensional match for the subject matter; but it takes a huge amount of time, and there are other potential downsides as well. I wavered for a long time before settling on this one, so I’m glad to hear it isn’t a dealbreaker.

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