Scoop and Gallon

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Radio address for Jan 5th, 2013. The new year marks the end of Swaledale’s “trials” (the good kind) and finds us with more tea than we know what to do with.

I did this address on my phone (you can probably tell from the sound quality). January is a busy month for me, so I’ll probably be keeping things simple production-wise.

Stay warm!


  1. Jeremy Cherfas

    Actually, I couldn’t tell you had recorded it on your phone. May I ask, which phone? And did you use an external microphone? Very impressive quality.

  2. Joel Dueck (Author)

    Sure, I actually used my iPhone 4S with just the built-in microphone, and record with the Bossjock Studio app. I set the mic gain on the app a little low and speak pretty close to the mic in order to minimize echo/background noise. I point the mic end of the phone at my nose – this keeps me from “blowing” into the mic as I speak while still giving me the close proximity. The app’s site has other examples of how to get good sound with the use of external mics.

  3. Ben

    “Clean as the pipes of Pan” Ha! Beautiful. I feel much the same about coffee.

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