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Radio address for Feb 23, 2013. Winter gets repetitive; it is a prison, a cave, a cocoon.

Mention is made of an article about cocooning’s “resurgence” in USA Today. Music is Homesick by Kings of Convenience, and Towards the Sun by Alexi Murdoch.

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Photo: Hibernating Boats
What appear to be houses are seen to be boats, on closer inspection. Taken by hugovk, Helsinki, Finland. (CC License)

Photo: Snow Cave
Photo by Scott Mark (CC License)

Photo: Snow Cave near Byron Glacier
Snow cave near Byron Glacier, Alaska. Photo by WideAngleWandering (CC License)


  1. Heidi Johnson

    Hey, Joel. Glad you’re pod casting again. Keep it up!

  2. Gerald and Cynthia Peterson

    Hi Joel, I really enjoy your “deep” thinking radio podcast. It’s great to hear your voice and be able to connect utilizing the virtual medium. Your writing and wit have always been a joy! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Guy

    I’m glad ya dig the photo. Thanks for sharing it.

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