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Radio address for Nov. 24, 2012. Every year at about this time I remember the winters I’m glad I’ve left far behind.

The text of the second part of this address is from a post titled Dratted Days, which I published in January 2004 on my personal website at JDueck.Net. Trixie and I have just finished a new design for that site and relaunched it under a new name: The Local Yarn. Check it out!

Music for this episode is Winning a Battle, Losing the War by Kings of Convenience, an Wolf by First Aid Kit.


  1. Gwendolyn

    At first, listening to this episode I could distinctly hear Trixy putting down her teacup (in my imagination). =) As my mind got more tuned to what you were presently saying, I appreciated your description of working out in the cold and could picture each scene because you had the nature of the thing so aptly described. It made both Ben and I chuckle as each of us could relate from cold jobs in our memories.

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