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Radio address for September 14, 2013. This episode draws from and adds a bit of dimension to Habemus Papoose, in which I briefly described our daughter’s birth at 65 MPH.

Sylvia is doing beautifully.

0 days old

Those are her hiccups at the end, recorded when she was 4 days old.

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to retroactively announce my hiatus from podcasting, which lasted for several weeks, and just ended. I was going to announce it ahead of time but...I just...couldn’t, for some reason. Maybe it’s bad for business, but my writing is like the seasons, and there are dry spells. So maybe it’s time we all accepted that, and looked on the bright side, which is that the rain always comes back eventually.


  1. DAniel Spratt

    Another insightful episode. We missed you. We rejoice with you on the birth of your beautiful daughter!

  2. Keith

    Well done. Sylvia sounds causing some smiles.

    Glad you’re back. I was pondering a hiatus protest movement.

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